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Poets Park

The Poets Park is the result of the commitment to honor national poetry and across borders, literary heritage of international recognition.
On its 22.5 hectares, Poets Park has 60 poets represented - 50 Portuguese and 10 Portuguese speaking countries or territories.


The Poets Park arises from the dream of witnessing the creation of a great urban park in Oeiras, associating poetry and sculptural art in the same space, in a tribute to Portuguese culture.
From dream to reality, Poets' Park took shape and became unique.

In the three phases divided all along the 22.5 hectares between the urban centers of Paço de Arcos and Oeiras, it has statuary works of more than 40 sculptors, representing 60 poets from different literary periods.
On June 7, 2003, the first phase of the project was inaugurated, with the first ten hectares. The sculptures, allusive to the 20 poets of the 20th century, are authored by Francisco Simões.
In 2013, another seven hectares more are added with poets from the Troubadours to the Renaissance.
The connection between the all phases is completed in June 2015 with the addition of 17 other poets from the Baroque period (18th century) to the poets of the Romantic (19th century) and 10 poets representing the Portuguese culture or speaking countries or territories.

Poets Park is a multifaceted venue, since it concentrates in the same enclosure, cultural, sporting and environmental activities.
With a breathtaking view over the river and the Atlantic, a vastness of blue over the green assumes a gigantic proportion, offering a panorama of great beauty.
The Temple of Poetry, the Labyrinth, the Island of Loves or the Cyber Fountains are a part of the countless possibilities of visit and delight that the Poets' park has to offer.




It has:

- Amphitheaters
- Football field
- Cybernetic fountains
- Camões grotto
- The Island of love
- Labyrinth
- Water mine
- Streamlets and lakes
- Temple of Poetry
- Children’s Playgrounds
- Picnic area
- Living areas
- Belvedere





The Poets' Park is an invitation to culture, to leisure, to contemplation. It is a space where the seed was planted and the poetry is harvested.




Learn more:
Poets Park Site
Where the Dream takes you - Poets' Park Presentation booklet



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Park opening time Phase I summer from 8 AM to 10 PM | winter from 8 AM to 6 PM
Park opening time phase II|Summer from 10 AM to 10 PM|winter from 10 AM to 6 PM
Fountains Phase I and Phase II |Spring/Summer 7, 30 PM to 9 PM |Autumn|Winter from 4PM to 5 PM

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Rua S. Salvador da Baía, 2780 Oeiras map and contacts Close
N 38° 42' 6.1596" , W 9° 18' 7.47"

​Rua S. Salvador da Baía, 2780 Oeiras
Tel: (+351) 214430799



Como chegar

N 38° 42' 6.1596" , W 9° 18' 7.47"
A5 - Saída de Oeiras
Estrada Marginal - Saída Oeiras - Direção Paço de Arcos

Estação de saída: CP Oeiras carreira 111

CP Paço de Arcos carreira 111-158

Published 2/1/2017 at 10:24 AM
Poets Park